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Domestic Animals

Pets are amazing animals that friends you while raids and attacks.

Thats loyal small creatures also offer cool extras that help jump-begin your adventure to become The Coin Master Game. Domestic Animals are incubate by accessing the Animals screen through the in game menu or by clicking the egg under the machine of slot.

Once turned on, your pet going to give you its extra for the next 4 hours. After these 4 hours have passed, your pet going to fall sleep and willn’t be able to fun its effects for a sizable times.

Do Not Waste Your Pet Extras
Your pet s boost effect is just active for 4 hours after doing availabled. If you can’t gaming for 4 hours, you have log your pets activation till you’ve a 4 hour window that you can dedicate to the game.

That even applies to the protective rhino; When your depend is under siege, it will not protect against attack, unless u specifically send that to do so.


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