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FarmVille 2 : Tips

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What’s new?

The continuation of the popular farm simulation game is graphically far more impressive than its predecessor. The game animation, 3D characters and user interface are top notch and very user friendly. The goal of FarmVille 2 developers is to rebuild the virtual farming experience by introducing new graphics, layouts and challenging tasks to make your virtual farming experience even more immersive.


In Zynga’s newest 3D farm simulation game, all quests are linked. Watering seeds gives you crops that produce food when fed to farm animals. The food can then be put on the market for coins. Harvesting has been made much easier and decorations are more than just a treasure for your precious property.


There are some surprising social elements to the game. In addition to adding friends, you can also join the unique “FarmVille Community” where you can add friends from communities outside of the Facebook network and get help (parts, hiring friends, finish building).


There’s a lot more to do, including decorating your farm, adding friends to complete fun goals, and buying land to expand your new farm. If you have played the original game you will find many things fairly familiar. If you are new to the game or find many things confusing, you may find these tips and hints very useful. Don’t forget to bookmark this guide as it contains important hints and tricks.

How to Play

The game puts you in the shoes of someone who inherited a family farm. The condition of the farm is poor and it is up to you to bring it back to life. You will have to plow empty land , water the crops and harvest them You can then sell the agricultural products directly to earn coins or feed them to farm animals for food, which can then be sold for a higher price. , vegetables, fruits and other foods are sold through the market.


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